The Criminal Process

Joe McCulloch began his 40 years of legal practice as a state prosecutor in Richland/Kershaw Counties (Fifth Circuit). Since entering private practice, both Joe McCulloch and Kathy Schillaci have defended numerous individuals and corporations against criminal accusations in State and Federal Courts. Criminal cases can involve pre-arrest investigations which present interactive decision making. However, most cases begin with arrest. As defenses and potential consequences are case specific, contact an attorney to discuss the facts and circumstances of your particular case. To schedule a free consultation with Joe McCulloch and/or Kathy Schillaci, contact us today.

McCulloch & Schillaci’s experience in state/federal criminal cases and appellate review when needed include:

  • Drug possession/distribution accusations
  • “White Collar” crime accusations
  • Violent crime
  • Sexual misconduct allegations
  • DUI and Felony DUI accusations
  • Mail, Wire Fraud, and Money Laundering claims
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Bank Fraud and Computer Crimes

The firm, through its handling of cases in these areas, provide experienced “native guide” advice through the difficult and emotional process. Joe McCulloch has for many years trained and lectured judges and lawyers on criminal law subjects within and outside of South Carolina.

We invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment.  Please note, however, that contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship.