In The Abstract

Criminal Courts – The Basics

MUNICIPAL AND CITY COURTS Generally (with some exceptions), offenses carrying a fine and/or up to 30 days in jail are usually handled in the municipal and magistrate courts. Your “prosecutor”...
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Hidden Consequences of a Conviction

You arrive in court for your “ticket” date with some anxiety, but no lawyer. The officer calls you over before Court begins and starts the conversation with something like, “You were polite so...
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DUI and Related Offenses

DUI is a commonly charged criminal offense in South Carolina. While a first offense DUI is almost always handled in our magistrate or municipal courts, it can carry some serious consequences. In...
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How to Request an Administrative Hearing (DUI/DUAC)

If a driver refuses to give a sample (breath, blood, and/or urine) or if the driver provides a breath sample of .15 or above, the officer can suspend the driver’s privilege to drive in South...
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Your charges and/or past conviction may be eligible for expungement if you meet certain criteria. Certain convictions, such as DUI or DUAC, are not eligible for expungement under our current law. For...
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